With the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) on the rise, there are ample amount of ways to utilize its beneficial qualities.

Happy Dayze just expanded its stock in-store so you can find everything you need. From relieving mild to chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures, to getting better sleep and even calming pets, CBD has found its way into the common household for both people and their pets.

So how can you take advantage of CBD’s healing potentials?

First, it helps to get a better understanding of what it does. Certain types of CBD are naturally produced within the body. The effects are felt when these cannabinoids attach to receptors in the brain called CB1 and CB2. These receptors deal with the body’s workings of multiple things ranging from coordination and movement to pain, emotions, moods, and much more. It was previously believed that CBD attached to these receptors once taken, though science now shows that CBD does not directly attach to either receptor. Instead it encourage the body to produce more of its own, naturally occurring CBD.
There are many ways to introduce CBD to your body. The best method for you may be the different than your neighbor. Below is a brief description of the most popular sought after methods. If you have any further questions, stop by any Happy Dayze location and their staff will be happy to help you!
  • Vaporizing CBD Oil: Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there are starter kits that make it easy to begin. Which by the way, for a limited time, Happy Dayze is offering Juul starter kits for $18.99. Vaping CBD allows you to easily control the amount consumed, though it is recommended to consult those with experience to know the exact temperature to vape at.
  • CBD Under the Tongue: Taking CBD oil out of a tincture is commonly done due to its simplicity, discreet nature, and immediate effects. Simply drop the proper amount under the tongue and hold it for approximately 30 seconds. The effects can be felt almost immediately and last for a few hours. Strength required differs from person to person so make sure to consult an expert if this is your first time.
  • Consuming Edibles: Taking CBD edibles have the longest lasting results, though it does take one to two hours to initially feel the effects. Because CBD oil can be mixed in a variety of different foods, edibles are one of the most popular methods o consumption.
These are just three of many ways to introduce the benefits of CBD oil to your system. If you are new to the idea of CBD oil, it is recommended to continue your research on various sites to see if CBD is right for you. Happy Dayze staff will be happy to address any questions you may have and help you find the best CBD to suit your lifestyle.
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