Eccentric Gift Ideas

We’ll keep this one short and sweet so you can get back to shopping!

Along with the holiday spirit, always comes the stress of trying to find that perfect gift for your friends and family. I’ve been bouncing ideas off everyone near me for the past week and we’ve all come to the same idea.

What’s something I can get that they will actually like, and use?

You know what I mean. Not the fancy blender or the funny toilet paper with trivia on it, (though, I will still take that…I love trivia.) And poof, the answer was there. Or at least I realized the answer had been in my head the entire time.

\The last time the we all were in Happy Dayze killing time and wishing we brought more money with us while fiddling around with these:

Handmade Glass by Local Artists:

Nothing says, “You’re one of a kind”, like a one of a kind handmade piece.



Make their rooms speak their soul with art that reflects their personality.


Cleaning Kits:

Wait, what? Yes, I’m serious. I’ve actually has three friends mention they had enough dough to really, really take care of their stuff.

higherstandards dotwipes

Hats, Clothings, & Accessories:

These are my favorite. There are so many different choices and price ranges, you can use little trinkets to fill stocking or go big and gift a rad sweater.


Short and sweet as promised! If you’re not in a hurry, browse more ideas below!


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